Scott Tycer, Kraftsmen Baking

Fresh pumpkin chocolate chip muffins baking in the oven, hot artisan bread cooling on the counter, friends and family enjoying warm coffee and light conversation – this is the scene at Kraftsmen café, the new cozy neighborhood café recently opened by Scott Tycer in the Heights. Tycer’s business behind the café, Kraftsmen Baking, has made quite a name for itself over the years, with two storefront locations and a long list of loyal wholesale supporters who carry a wide variety of their baked goods. Whether you are enjoying a fresh-made quiche and coffee from Tycer’s cafes, or nibbling on a muffin from your local coffee shop, Kraftsmen’s quality offerings are sure to please.

Scott’s business is modeled after what he appreciated most as a child – products made from scratch with attention to every detail. “You go back to what you really love when you start your own business,” Scott says. The holidays are especially inspirational for Scott, as he was raised on the traditions of holiday baking. “We ate well at Christmas time,” he says, enthusiastically. From a young age, he and his mother spent every Christmas in the kitchen, baking homemade pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, pumpkin cheesecake, pecan pie and of course, fresh bread. His baking talents progressed until he was able to take on his own family recipes, many of which you can find today in the bakery. (Yes, they do carry his mother’s original pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and cheesecake!)

After working in California’s restaurant industry for several years, Scott returned to Houston and opened Aries, a fine dining restaurant on Montrose. It was here where Scott realized that the bread making business in Houston was severely lagging, and after 2 years of longing for better bread options in Houston, Scott decided to do something about it. In 2002 he partnered with Mike Zakowski, of Artisan Bakers in Sonoma, California, opened Kraftsmen Baking, and set out on his bread mission: to provide slow-made bread and baked goods to the public and other restaurants in Houston.

Scott, now sole owner of Kraftsmen, remains wholeheartedly dedicated to his business.  When asked what keeps him going, he answers, “the dedication to local artisan bread – the old world way of doing things.” This is why we love Kraftsmen. Completely enthralled by the local movement, every product in Scott’s goods is carefully chosen with the customer constantly in mind. “It’s important that local food takes care of the community it serves. That’s why we don’t use products with hormones or preservatives – we’re local, sustainable, bottom line: we serve people,” Scott says.

Because of this philosophy, Kraftsmen has their group of regular customers who have been coming back for years. Scott is always pleased to see the shop’s loyal customers – “They have their mugs, they have their routines, we really enjoy serving them, and that makes me happy!”

Oh my! Pocket Pies is proud to be one of these loyal customers, a Kraftsmen super fan, if you will, and after hearing more on their philosophy and business values, wouldn’t you? So grab your friends and family and head over to Kraftsmen café. Be sure to ask about their wholesale and order services while you’re there – treat your family to the best local, sustainable baked goods at home! Learn more about Kraftsmen’s products, cafés, catering and how to order your own fresh bread and baked goods at


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