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Anyone who has spent time talking to Ray Law about grass fed beef knows he is the “Beef Boss.”  Growing up at the Law Ranch, established in 1952 by his father, “Buddy” Law, Ray has always been around free roaming, happy, healthy, grass fed cows. Taking a break from ranch life, Ray moved away to attend college at the University of Houston where he earned his bachelor’s degree and later a master’s. After speaking with Ray it is apparent that he is nothing if not dedicated. He spent ten loyal years teaching, then, 2 years ago, changed direction and became a full force direct marketer of his grass fed cattle.

When asked how he got into cattle ranching, Ray responds with a chuckle, “I never really left it.” Born on the Ranch, where he lived for most of his life, Ray learned from his father. When Buddy needed more help at the Ranch, dedicated Ray stepped in to fill his father’s rather large work boots. He enjoys being able to carry on Buddy’s family grass fed traditions at Law Ranch.

Law Ranch open fields and hay

After hearing Ray’s run down about the benefits of grass fed beef, I believe everyone should know more about this. Ray recommends the documentary Food Inc., and the book Omnivore’s Dilemma. In short, there are both huge taste and health benefits of grass fed beef. The beef, with less fat in general, has omega 3’s in the fat it contains, which makes it generally healthier for you. As far as taste goes, grass fed beef taste more like, well, beef. It tastes far leaner and is less sweet than corn fed beef. Just try one of our burgers – you’ll taste the difference right away!

Ray’s beef story really begins 2 years ago when, with the help of his wife, Amy, he realized that the direct market selling of his beef was the way to go for the Ranch. Amy started selling Law Ranch ground beef at a farmers market in May 2008, thus beginning the direct marketing of Law Ranch Cattle Company. One reason behind Ray’s decision to sell directly to his customers is his dedication to the local market. He believes it is very important to support local ranchers and farmers, and for this very reason, refuses to ship his meat to eager beef lovers across the country. Instead, Ray tells his customers to find a local farmer in their area and support them. He knows “small farmers have to have the local market to survive and support the family farm,” which is crucial to the success of the Law family. 

Another important reason why Ray made the switch to direct marketing of his beef is to ensure the customer of where their food comes from. When you purchase beef from Law Ranch Cattle Company, you know the beef you are enjoying came from a happy cow, grazing across its own personal 7 acres in a spacious 45-acre pasture. We wish we had life as easy as a Law Ranch cow!

Also, for example, when you purchase a package of ground beef from Law Ranch Cattle Company, it is comprised of only one cow. Big beef processing plants inspect and process so many cattle at once, that grocery store ground beef is made up of a mixture of beef from many different cattle. Ray’s cattle are carefully inspected by one man who sees no more than 4-5 cattle a day. Big processing plants inspect so many cattle a day, that if one infected cow slips through the inspection, all of the ground beef in the store is contaminated.  Although Ray does not like to scare people in regards to food choices, he mentions this as the reason for large grocery store recalls.

When you purchase beef from Law Ranch Cattle Company, you can rest assured that you are getting the healthiest, best tasting beef for you and your companioned eaters. From day one of cattle-life at Law Ranch to inspection and processing, the product is treated with constant care and consideration for the customer. Ray works hard everyday to keep his cattle and his customers smiling.

Law Ranch Cattle Company is at the forefront of the upward moving local, grass fed beef industry. Ray directly sees  how “people are becoming more aware of where their food comes from and what their food is.” Just in the last year Ray has seen a large increase in the number of advertisements on Craigslist for local grass fed beef. He is happy to see the industry at such a rise and will continue to do his part for the grass fed beef world. Ray does not know if America can, or should, completely switch to local grass fed beef, he just knows “I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing.” We’re happy about that! Where would our Salisbury Steak be without the Beef Boss?

Find out more about Ray and Law Ranch Cattle here. They have some great links for more information about grass fed beef too!


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