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Local 3: Your Houston Thanksgiving Feast

This word by: Ginny Torok

I bet when the Native Americans and Pilgrims celebrated the first Thanksgiving they didn’t imagine that in almost 400 years 79% of seafood, 39% of fruit and 13% of vegetables would be imported from other countries. This Thanksgiving, show your pride for America, and support local businesses. We have found the best vendors for three of the most important parts of the Thanksgiving meal.

1. Let’s just start with the obvious: Turkey! One awesome Houston turkey-wrangler is located just north of the bustling city, in Waller, TX. Georgia’s Texas Grassfed Beef and Natural Meats also sells grass fed beef and lamb, pork, pastured poultry and of course, free-range turkey. You can even order your meat online and have it delivered to you house. If you don’t need to stock up for an order, track them down at several local Houston farmer’s markets. To find another source of local meat and turkey anywhere in Texas, use Eatwild’s farm and ranch search.

2. We all know what is next on the list of Thanksgiving celebration importance. We’re talking about booze, folks! 16% of wine and beer is imported from other countries. Are we not proud of our settlers’ hard work? Let’s be serious – you can’t rightfully toast the Mayflower with glasses full of imported goods. When you shop any grocery or liquor store for wine, always take a look at the Texas selection. You can order wine online from Messina Hof Winery, with vineyards located just outside of Houston in Bryan, TX. Our always favorite choice for local beer, St. Arnold’s Brewery, sells pretty much any beer you and your guests could dream of for the perfect Thanksgiving feast compliment. For a more complete list of Texas-made wine, beer and spirits check out the Texas Food and Wine Gourmet.com.

3. Last but certainly not least, carbs and dessert! Our number one artisan bakery Krafts’men Baking, located in the Houston Montrose neighborhood, serves up fresh breads and pastries that, if Thanksgiving weren’t exempt from all caloric intake, would go straight to your thighs. Their products are made from high quality, often organic, ingredients and are never mass produced! You can stop by retail cafe to pick up your grain-goods, or visit them at the Midtown Farmer’s Market every Saturday. For your huge family feast, order Krafts’men products for wholesale delivery by phone or email. Slow-made, freshly baked bread at your door with the click of a button or dial of a phone? Bet the Pilgrims didn’t guess that one either!

This Thanksgiving, remember how lucky we are to live in America – don’t outsource your American celebration! Houston has some pretty amazing vendors. Let them put the food on your table, and you’ll have the best Thanksgiving on the block. Remember, the more you support Houston vendors, the more Houston’s economy will flourish. Money out is money in (and some good food in – your belly – too!) Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!


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