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Get in the Holiday Spirit…Locally!

These holidays don’t spend your money on gifts bought from chain stores – instead opt for an all local holiday! What is the big deal about all local shopping?…Shopping at locally owned businesses puts three times more dollars into our local economy!

In fact, a study found that of $100 spent at a local business, $45 stays in the community, whereas $100 spent at a chain store only puts $13 back into the local economy. In addition shifting just 10% of your shopping from chain stores to locally owned businesses adds $244 million to our local economy annually.* This means you could support a local sustainable economy for your community just by buying less gifts from chains and more from local businesses!

Local businesses don’t just contribute to the local economy, they help build the character of the community. They are owned by our neighbors, relatives, friends, and us!…don’t you want to see us succeed?! Since local businesses contribute greatly to the social, and cultural strength of the community they are a necessity in creating a unique community.

This holiday season we challenge you to eat, drink, and buy locally! Incorporate as many fresh and local ingredients from farmers markets or locally owned stores into your holiday meals as you can. Buy most of your gifts from locally owned businesses. Many local farmers markets sell goods like glass, art, clothes, jewelry and more…buy your gifts at the market! Out of town friends and relatives would love an authentic Texas gift, like an assorted coffee basket from Katz Coffee, found at the Highland Village Farmers Market on Saturdays. Dine and drink at only locally owned restaurants and bars. Even host a local holiday party with drinks made from locally bottled liquor, brewed beer, and wine! This holiday season, give back to your community!

For more information about supporting local businesses for a sustainable community economy, see these sites:



To find local independent Houston businesses:



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