Sustainable Countdown 2010!

In 2010, ring in the new year green! Whether you’re deciding on the perfect resolution, hosting a cocktail party, or just staying in to watch the ball drop, there are many ways to celebrate sustainably in 2010.

You may not know it, but this will mark the third year of the energy-efficient ball drop in Times Square. Last year it was remodeled to be the most efficient, fitted with 32,256 Philips Luxeon Rebel LED lights. This huge sparkling crystal uses 20% less energy than the previous model. So, watch that ball drop this year with no need to feel too worried about its energy usage!

Your friends picked you to host the party this year? Make them GREEN with envy! Planet Green gives us an awesome guide on how to go green with cocktails! Use organic liquors when you can, and of course, think locally! Don’t forget about the season: Pick locally grown, seasonal fruit juices and garnishes to use in your cocktails. Cut out the sugary, sweet and sour mix; Make your own cocktail mixes. This ensures that you have the freshest, healthiest ingredients in your mix…you will taste the difference! And of course, reuse and recycle your glass bottles! For more cocktail party tips, and more about going green with wine and beer visit

Planet Green also offers five suggestions for Green Resolutions for this New Year. 1) Green your energy usage: Sign up for a renewable energy program. Green Power Network can help you find out how to buy green power in your state. Also, if you haven’t already, opt for paperless bills…this can save 37 pounds of carbon emissions over the year.

2) Pledge to use public transportation, walk or bike. At least one more day per week in 2010, walk, bike, or ride the bus. Opting against driving just one day per week can reduce your carbon emissions by 1000 pounds over the course of the year! Plus, walking and biking can work towards your fitness resolutions too!

3) Reduce your consumption of meat. Vegetarian diets can have 2.52 tons less carbon emissions than those who eat meat; And, remember, Oh My! Pocket Pies is vegetarian friendly! While we would never force anyone to make the dietary switch to vegetarianism, just setting one day per week as “no meat day” could save 720 pounds of carbon emissions over the year. has some yummy vegetarian recipes to start you off

4) Our personal favorite: EAT MORE LOCAL FOOD! We’ve recently written about the economic benefits to buying local, but Planet Green explains that each meal you eat made from local ingredients could save up to 666 pounds of emissions! Eat more local pie 🙂

5) Make your home more energy-efficient. Replace light bulbs with energy-efficient ones, don’t use the dryer, or dry only half your laundry, and unplug all your appliances to prevent them from draining electricity. Also, turning your heat two degrees cooler in the winter and two degrees warmer in the summer can save up to save 1000 pounds of carbon emissions a year.

This year you have the opportunity to make changes in your life, and make a difference in the world! Make 2010 your year for sustainability. Visit for more great tips for sustainable 2010. Happy New Year everyone!


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